Web Design

Jasar Web Solutions has over 13 years of experience working with website designs. We have helped serve companies with their websites by giving them a “new look”, adding or creating a unique site, or helping their website visitors find the information they are looking for. Look at our recent work to see the quality and ease of use we are well known for. Other companies use pre-established website templates and input your information in the template required spaces. We approach website design differently. Every website we do is designed specifically for our clients. Every site is unique from one client to another.

Here are just a few things we look at when designing a website:

  1. How the look and feel of the website relates to the theme of the company
  2. Ease of navigation for the visitor. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for in seconds, not minutes.
  3. Grabbing the attention of visitors when they first arrive at the site
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Administration for the owner of the website

The Simple Process to Save Money
We feel that simplifying the process of designing a website and executing the code for it to work in the different web browsers is essential to having a cost-effective experience. We first create an image of the design of the website. This image is not functional, but shows exactly how the website will look when it is finished. This step is critical because it allows us to tweak the design of the website with very little effort, saving money for our clients. After the design is approved by the client we then translate that design into HTML and PHP code to render the final product.

We are anxious to sit down with you or to do a conference call with you to see how we can help you in your website needs.

Custom Web Applications

Has your company ever thought of implementing an online software package to help your company in its day-to-day operation? You probably would first look on the Internet for a piece of software that does most of what you are looking to do, but then get disappointed when you find out that the software does not do everything you would like it to do.

At Jasar Web Solutions, we approach this problem differently. Instead of your company adapting to an off-the-shelf software package, we create the software to adapt to your needs and operational procedures. We feel our clients come first, and we seek to meet their needs rather than catering to the needs of the software. We use the latest design tools to make this happen. All of our software that we write is on a UNIX-based server, which offers an extremely stable and reliable platform. We also program in PHP, a powerful and versatile programing language which works extremely well with MySQL, an award-winning database platform.

If you desire to help build your business and make your operation run more smoothly and more efficiently, then contact us for a quote.

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